Project submission: Dos and Don’ts

You can find some guiding documents for all different sections of the project submission, just keep rolling!


1. Fill in all sections of the form.
2. Deep research into your issue that is faced in the community and what are the root causes for those
3. Address root causes of the issue. Narrow the root causes as much as possible. Mapping out causes and effects often helps.
4. The project should be supported by facts and data. The methodology should be defendable.
5. Ensure M&E and sustainability aspects are part of the project
6. If you have past experience in project implementation, don’t be shy to show it.


1. Don’t leave gaps in information.
2. Don’t leave any section unfilled.
3. Don’t forget to have partners in your project.
4. Don’t forget the communication aspects.

Project Proposal Writing tips

This guide will help to develop skills in writing quality project proposals, in project management and to understand the value of project as a tool to further development.

This link will give a general guidance on what a project proposal is, its objectives and some different sections of a project proposal.

This presentation will provide guidance on developing a project proposal, its parts and a logical framework.

Please note: The project sections are just for guidance and not an obligation.

** Bonus ** This document will provide more in-depth project cycle management guidelines.