Frequently asked question

Are there any financial transactions directly on the website?

No. However, projects have links to a crowdfunding platform that allows any supporter to send funds to project leaders. In addition, large organizations who prefer to simply donate a grant for numerous projects can do so through the YWC Secretariat. Funds will be distributed among projects according to the supporter’s guidelines and conditions.

When should I submit my project?

Take your time, there is no need to rush. Start by looking at this page to understand the guidelines and criteria for project submission. Here, you will find the templates and advice you need to make sure your project is up to standards. Once you think your project is ready, it’s time to submit it.

What happens if I don’t get the label of approval?

Once you submit your project, a team of expert will review it. If your project is not quite ready to receive the label, you will get notified. You will receive comments and input on what to improve in order to get the label.

Can I ask for more than one type of support?

Of course! After all, the YWC platform is here to help you implement your project and achieve your goals!

What kind of information will be available to project leaders?

Supporters have a shorter profile than project leaders. Not all their information is visible on their profiles to avoid overwhelming solicitation. Once there is a match, supporters and project leaders will be connected through the website. Only at this state that some contact information will be shared with the project leaders.

What type of access do supporters have on the platform?

Supporters first gets a narrowed list of projects according to their key words and areas of interest. They can of course browse all the projects published on the platform and show interest to as many as they wish. In addition, supporters get to view who is interested in getting their support and can decide to accept or decline (anynomously) to be matched with those projects.