Meet the inaugural cohort of the Youth for Water and Climate Programme


Twenty young water and climate professionals from Hungary, Slovakia, Belgium, France and Sweden form the first cohort of the Youth for Water and Climate Programme. 

Climate change is disrupting weather patterns, leading to extreme weather events, unpredictable water availability, exacerbating water scarcity and contaminating water supplies. We must act, and supporting young professionals is part of the solution. 

The Youth for Water and Climate Programme, an 8-month capacity-building program for young professionals in the water and climate sector, was launched on January 17th. 

The Programme, developed and implemented by the International Secretariat for Water, Solidarity Water Europe, cewas, Global Water Partnership, Global Water Partnership Hungary, Global Water Partnership Central and Eastern Europe, and GoodPlanet Belgium, aims to support young professionals in acquiring transversal and specific skills which are essential in the water and climate sector. 

Young people are the first to be affected by the environmental challenges facing our societies. The ISW has taken on the mission of accompanying and training them. In this sense, YWC program integrates all the components so that they have all the tools to contribute to a more sustainable world”, said Sarah Dousse, Executive Director of the International Secretariat for Water and Solidarity Water Europe. 

The program will offer in-person workshops, a mentorship opportunity, support in finding an internship, a community of practice and a complete online curriculum to support the development of their professional skills and/or entrepreneurial skills in the water and climate sector. 

“I joined the YWC Programme because I believe it will provide me with valuable skills and help me strengthen my professional identity, and in that way support my journey towards being a water professional. I also love the international scope of the programme and I’m really looking forward to connecting with all the other participants and experts in the field.” -Neea Nieminen, 25, environmental engineering student at KTH Royal Institute of Technology

The participants will be meeting in Budapest from February 6th-12th for the first workshop. They will then be meeting again in Stockholm in August for the final workshop. 

Luca Jendrek, 27, is currently working in a Hungarian Foundation specialized in climate change issues and is a member of the first YWC Programme cohort. 

“I understand the ‘why-s’ and now it is time to learn the ‘how-s’. Therefore, I am very much looking forward to getting practical insights, connecting with like-minded people, and taking action for a better and safer tomorrow with YWC!’, said Luca. 

This program is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, l’Agence de l’eau Artois-Picardie and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. 

For more information about the Youth for Water and Climate Programme, contact ISW’s youth project manager, Elysa Vaillancourt at

1st cohort of the Youth for Water and Climate Programme


Country Name Age
France Noémie Plumier 29
Sherazade Henni 23
Keilly Bulle Arias 25
Rania Louafi 23
Matthieu Blanchard 23
Hungary Solongo Otgonbayar 29
Franciska Iglodi 27
Luca Jendrek 27
Belgium  Sofia Carolina Andrade Tirado 26
Sarah Moreno Sayavedra 28
Maria-Alexandra Constantinescu 26
Andrea Cecere 23
Amnay Mehlaoui 26
Albert Nkwasa 30
Slovakia Milena Oravcova 25
Sweden  Neea Nieminen 25
Nike Dahlqvist 26
Ulrika Lundin Glans 27
Shashank Bhattarai 28
Chandrakant Singh 29