About this project

In Colombia, 14% of the population does not have access to drinking water. This situation worsens much more in rural areas where this percentage reaches 30%. Their main sources of water are polluted despite having to walk and shit the liquid for hours, a task that falls on girls and women.

Water for live is a project that provides access to safe water for hand washing and consumption, prioritizing rural women and girls.

We will do it through two solutions:

1. Gota Grata: filters that make the water drinkable made of clay, colloidal silver and steel that, through a drip system, generate up to 40 liters of safe water for families.

2. Manos Gratas: low-cost handwashing stations that increase the impact of the solution and are specially designed for rural contexts where they do not have access to safe water and are at imminent risk of being infected by Covid-19 and they cannot take preventive measures.

These solutions will be accompanied by two important pedagogical strategies developed within the community:

1. Water Guardians: Group of women trained to monitor water care and good use of installed solutions.

2. Dynamic workshops: Series dynamic workshops with rural communities on the importance of water care, hand washing and correct use of solutions

Goals and Objectives

General purpose: Implement water access solutions to prevent the spread of the virus in rural communities in Colombia.

Specific goal:

1.Provide drinking water access to rural communities that do not have access.

2.Provide access to hand washing facilities to rural communities.

3. Hold workshops on the importance of water care and hand washing.

4. Establish groups of water guards within the communities linking rural women.

Expected result

Through the implementation of the Water for live project, we plan to achieve the following results:

40 Hand washing facilities installed

50 water filters installed

430 People with access to hand washing facilities

380 women and girls with access to drinking water

5 of dynamic workshops held

3 of Guardian Group installed

Sustainable Development Goals
05. Gender equality 6.1 Safe Drinking Water 6.B WASH Local Participation
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