About this project

We are intending to implement a project titled Happy girls and Young mothers re usable sanitary pads project whose overall goal is to increase the supply and access to suitable, quality, and adequate re usable sanitary pads to girls and young mothers in Nakivale Refugee Settlement.

The specific objectives of this project are to increase the availability and access of re usable sanitary pads to girls and young mothers by 60%, to increase supply of reusable pads , to increase the self esteem of girls and young mothers and to fight stigma concerning menstral phenomenon.

The main activities of this project include training trainers of trainees in reusable sanitary pads making, carry out school and community visits , purchase of training materials, rent of training space, documentation, monitoring and evaluation.

The project beneficiaries will be girls and young mothers living in Nakivale Refugee Settlement.

Goals and Objectives

The goals and objectives of this project are,

  • To increase the availability of re usable sanitary pads to girls and young mothers by 60%.
  • To increase self esteem of girls and young mothers by 75% in Nakivale Refugee settlement.
  • To laisse with stakeholders on menstral management and hygiene.
  • To lobby and advocate for girls and young mothers.
  • To fight stigma on menstral phenomenon.

The intended beneficiaries are girls and young mothers. we chose girls and young women because they experience extreme poverty.

They will benefit in the following ways:

  • Improved menstral management and hygiene hence improved reproductive health.
  • Income generation from selling the pads.
  • Increased supply of suitable, quality, and adequate re usable sanitary pads.

The impacts of the project will be sustained after the project through collaborating and partnering with other Non governmental Organizations.

The project will scale up because we shall be able to identify and develop processes that will successfully produce desired products.

Expected result

We hope to train many girls and young mothers on how to make re usable sanitary pads.

We expect to eliminate the financial burden that girls and young mothers have been facing to purchase disposable pads.

We also expect at least 70% of the beneficiaries to be able to make re usable sanitary pads so they can generate incomes and eliminate poverty.

women embracing the produced re usable products which are more hygienic than the pieces of cloth used.

More girls attending school after being sensitized about menstral health.


Sustainable Development Goals
06. Clean water and sanitation
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