About this project

The “COVID-19: School safety” its an iniciative from Ecopil Arte Crea Conciencia A.C, with the objective of decrease the COVID-19 presence at two school of huge amount of students in Apaxco, Estado de México. This town has a semi-arid environment, that affects the wáter supply. This Project, it is looking work with rainwater to get an improvement of wáter supply. It is going to storage the rainwater, add a filter, and make it usefull for handwashing; then it is going to make a second recolection and get it to wáter the pollinator garden and green áreas from this schools. Also, it is going to make adequacy of sanitizing mats.

Goals and Objectives

Implementation of a Rainwater Harvesting System

1.       Testing the school’s infraestructure

2.       Planning  the rainwater harversting system.

3.       Insatalling  the rainwater harvesting system

Installing the sink.

1.       Installing the sink with healthy distance.

2.       Make the wastewater collection

Exploitation of wastewater

1.       Making a pollinator garden

2.       Watering the pollinator garden and green áreas

Capitation and Training teenagers as Skateholders

1.       Inviting teenagers on the assistance activities.

2.       Training teenagers in the rainwater harvesting and sanitizing mats topics.

Expected result

1.       Decreasing the COVID-19 cases at schools with huge amount of students in Apaxco, Estado de México.

2.       Making the class attendance safe and healthy for the students and their families.

3.       Training and improvement teenagers abilities

4.       Making better and safe the wáter supply into the impacted schools

Sustainable Development Goals
03. Good health and well-being 04. Quality education 05. Gender equality 06. Clean water and sanitation 11. Sustainable cities and communities 12. Responsible consumption and production 15. Life on land 17. Partnerships for the goals 6.2 Sanitation and Hygiene 6.3 Water Quality, Treatment, Safe Reuse 6.4 Water Efficiency
About me / organisation
Ecopil Arte Crea Conciencia

We are a Civil Association with National Presence. We have 8 years of experience in Social Innovation and Environmental Management. Nowadays, we have a National Strategy that allow us to enlarge and replicate our actions and aliance in Mexico.

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