About this project

During Covid, when the whole world is locked-down, livelihoods, water & food security, health, education, almost all sectors are under serious threat. Especially, the poor & the vulnerable, the landless and the labour, the migrants are facing severe problems in almost all aspects especially getting back their work and bringing their lives on back to normalcy. The WHO has instructed all to practice at-least two things in mind – 1) Social distancing 2) washing hands with soaps for 20 seconds. In India & in many developing countries, water security is a big issue already. There are many water scarce pockets & because of climate change, rains are erratic, less or much more, sporadic, heat waves and what not. The communities are already saying that do they worry about sanitization or do they worry about water for drinking? These are very legitimate reactions.

Already, a large number of social enterprises, start-ups have come up with cost-effective, feasible and practical innovative solutions in water management, hygiene, health, agriculture etc. They are documented & most now are on social media too. Selected examples of such enterprises are peddle pumps, solar water pumps, portable water stations, DIY hand washing stations, water kiosks etc, these have brought transformative changes; social, cultural, economic & environmental. But, how many of us knows about them, how many of us ensure that such innovations reach the poor communities who especially during COVID don’t even has money for food, how will they buy water & soap? During COVID-19, all over the world, a number of innovations are launched to deal with the pandemic, a large number of ideas for start-ups for ‘New Normal’ have been suggested, many is already in place. Examples are Robots at entrance of public places to dispense hand-sanitizer and deliver public health messages about the virus; Robots deployed in hospital wards to carry food & medicines to ease the pressure on medical staff; start-ups for online consultation with doctors; hand-free washbasins for contactless experience; water-harvested washbasins at bus-stations & other important public places; infection free taps using water efficiently, UV rays sanitizing boxes etc. While again, it is possible to watch all these innovations on different On-line Platforms but separately.

My Project idea (being in the field of Development and Media) is to identify these innovations, compile them, and depict such innovations “through a Single Window - at one Platform” digitally which will be seen & used by the youth & young people from youth-led organizations, youth clubs, change agents, leaders, Para-workers etc who in-turn with communicate these innovations to the communities via community based organizations, water and other committees, farmer’s organizations & groups etc.

Goals and Objectives

Ø  “Behavioural changes among communities through wider outreach of simple innovative ideas and products on water management, health & hygiene.


Ø  Identify and compile about 10-15 innovations/enterprises on efficient water management practices and linked to hygiene, health and agriculture

Ø  Develop a Single Window; “One and Single Video” depicting these innovations/enterprises; objectives, functioning, advantages, costs and other related information. (The video has the potential for further upgrading as and when, new innovation, or social enterprise is launched & successful)

Ø  Making the Video easily accessible via Online Platform

Target Audience

The target audience will be youth-led organizations who either/or work with Community Based Organizations, locally mobilized groups and Committees such as water committees, health, education etc, schools, youth clubs, networks, leaders, farmer groups and other stakeholders.

Expected result

Ø  The youth-led organizations will learn about range of innovations in water management, health, hygiene, agriculture.

Ø  They, in turn, will transfer the knowledge to those with whom they work. These can be Community Based Organizations, locally mobilized groups and Committees such as water committees, health, education etc, schools, youth clubs, networks, leaders, farmer groups and other stakeholders.

Ø  The Organization will ensure that the communities are able to pick and choose relevant innovations as per geographical locations, community needs and feasibility

Ø  The communities will learn the source of innovations and all related details.

Ø  The communities with start ordering the products & using them with mentoring and hand-holding from youth–led organizations and expected outcomes of behavioural changes and better quality of life would be measured.

Sustainable Development Goals
03. Good health and well-being 05. Gender equality 06. Clean water and sanitation 6.1 Safe Drinking Water 6.2 Sanitation and Hygiene 6.3 Water Quality, Treatment, Safe Reuse
About me / organisation
Chehek Bilgi

Ms. Chehek bilgi specializes in Cinematography as part of Film making course from Whistling Woods International, Mumbai. She graduated in Liberal Arts with International Relations and Business Administration from School of Liberal Arts, PDPU. She has travelled widely in India and overseas interning, visiting reputed social work, film & design institutes, contributing/participating in National and International Conferences, exposure visits to Non-Government and Government run projects on Natural Resources, WATSAN, Health, Livelihoods, Urban planning and Settlements. This has broadened her understanding about people, biodiversity, cultures, and life styles. To name some- Last year, she participated in KAS sponsored workshop on Climate Change at Bangkok, & was invited to develop a promotional film about the training on climate change. The film was also shown in COP at France in 2019. Other examples are - H and H Kaschade Stiftung and Altmark Zeitung, Germany where she stayed for a month with Youth from 43 countries & worked closely with Journalists; Centre for Environment education categorizing thematically 350 films on Environment and Climate Change and disseminated, Documentation on Banner Hill Bio-diversity, Infrastructure and transport and its impact on urbanization, Photographer for International Conference on “Ethical Framework for a Sustainable world; Media matters documenting children issues etc. As an active member of UN children and youth major group, she contributed in the market place at USAID/WOCAN workshop on Environment in Asia-Pacific; Women’s Inclusion for Sustainable Forests and Climate, using visuals on women’s workload and possible solutions; worked with youth from over the globe, developing position papers and statements in (UNEA)-United Nations Environment Assembly, 16th and 17th Commission for Sustainable Development, 10th Asia Pacific Sub-Regional Environment Policy Dialogue, ASEAN Water Dialogue, Asia-Pacific UNEP-TUNZA Conference, 5th World Water Forum etc.

She has professional licence from Anupam Kher Academy, Institute of Moving Images and Darpana Academy, Ahmedabad. While at WWI, as part of project work, she shot a film and teaser of the film “Pehchaan” and her “Show Reel”. She had the privilege to assist reputed Directors Dhwani Gautam and Pravin Mishra for feature films and DOP Kiron Dehons for four corporate shoots. As DOP, she has worked on corporate advertisements, slow motion film, musical videos on Aerial belly, events such as Lakme Fashion Week, GQ Media Van Heusen Show and Femina Women Awards, 2017 and events on Breast awareness campaign and Marathons. All these, with reputed houses such as Climb Media, Dhwani Gautam Production, Les Roches University Switzerland, Perpetual Brand Consulting, WTS, TVC, IIM etc. At this moment, a few feature films, in which she shot or assisted in shooting are in post production phase & soon be released. She loves travelling, meeting people from different parts of the world, trying different cuisine and capturing this beauty of Nature in her camera.