About this project

Water is the basis of life, the most valuable resource in the life of a person and all living things. Kazakhstan's dependence on water resources is caused by the presence of transboundary rivers and the fact that a significant amount of water - 45% comes to us from neighboring republics – Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Russia and China. Such a high level of dependence makes Kazakhstan vulnerable to issues of the quality and quantity of water resources, as well as the time and volume of water that will flow to our republic for drinking, household needs, agriculture, electricity production, industry, recreation, and for maintaining ecosystems. However, knowledge, skills and understanding of water and water-related processes are required in order to ensure the careful use, sustainable management and protection of this valuable resource.
Ensuring the water security of Kazakhstan and the sustainable development of the country's water management complex can be carried out only if there are qualified water management specialists who are able to solve topical issues of public administration in the field of studying, using, reproducing and protecting water resources that meet modern requirements.
However, our country is facing a number of difficulties in training personnel for the country's water industry – the existing potential of young water specialists is insufficient to solve the problems with water that we are facing now and will face in the future. This has been repeatedly confirmed by reports and reviews of local and foreign experts. The main problem is the low interest of the younger generation to study in water specialties due to the unpopularity of water professions and lack of understanding about the diversity of employment prospects. It is necessary to take measures to popularize water specialties, which in turn will attract more young people to the water industry to solve modern water problems, such as the Aral Sea, Balkhash, and will also allow taking steps for the careful and rational use of water resources in the interests of the future.

Goals and Objectives

The objective of the project is to show future applicants, as well as students about the variety of professions and employment opportunities in different areas in the water sector. This main goal can be conditionally divided into three sub-goals:
- to raise awareness of water issues in schools to attract the attention of future applicants;
- informing students about future potential places of internship and employment;
- dissemination of information about the social significance of water resources, as well as about the problems of the industry.

Expected result

After the implementation of the project, we will witness an increase in interest in water specialties on the part of current schoolchildren and applicants. In addition, current students of water specialties will be more interested in continuing their studies, will become closer to practice, and they will also expand the circle of their professional acquaintances. From all the variety of water professions presented in the video, they will be able to choose the field of activity that corresponds to their abilities and skills, as well as their desire.
In general, this will help to popularize water issues and draw attention to water problems. This will contribute to the development of communication between working organizations, practitioners and educational institutions through the project implementation group. After the implementation of the project, more than 20 water students will find a job in this field.

Sustainable Development Goals
04. Quality education 08. Decent work and economic growth 10. Reduced inequalities 11. Sustainable cities and communities
About me / organisation
Aigerim Karibay

Aigerim Karibay - RSE “Kazvodhoz” “Great Almaty Canal”, Almaty region
Hydraulic engineer
• Good skills in manual drawings, mobilography
• Knowledge in engineering applications software ( AUTOCAD, QGIS, SWOT)
• Punctuality and time-keeping
• Quick learner, keen to learn and improve skills
• Problem solving skills
• Written and verbal communication/ documentation / reporting skills (built up through essays, presentations and coursework during my time at school/university)
• Self-motivation and ability to take the initiative
• Ability to work under pressure

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