About this project

#TonFuturTonClimat - Togo is a project that will enable the “association des Jeunes Braves” of Appéyémé in the community of Danyi-Apéyémé-Todomé (Togo) to set up a sheepfold, acquire equipment for composting and agro-ecological gardening and the installation of ECOSAN toilets.

Goals and Objectives

Overall objective: to contribute to the sustainable development through the improvement of the living conditions of the young people from Danyi-Apéyéme (Togo).

Specific objectives :

- To improve the working conditions and the income of 35 young breeders and market gardeners;

- To implement integrated actions for the protection of land, water & environment controlled by young people;

- 35 young breeders and market gardeners will be accompanied in their improvement of cash-generating activities;

- 30 deprived households from Danyi-Apéyéme;

- About 30 young professionals working in the sector of water-sanitation-sewerage-environment.

Expected result

- The working conditions and the income of 35 young people are improved in Danyi-Apéyéme;

- Water resources, environment and land are sustainably protected in Danyi-Apéyéme;

- The young people are mobilized for environmental protection and water resources.

Sustainable Development Goals
06. Clean water and sanitation 07. Affordable and clean energy 13. Climate action
About me / organisation
Ahiafor Yahovi Amedzape

Ahiafor Yahovi Amedzape is an African representative from the World Youth Parliament for Water.