About this project

My School Is Not A Trash ("Mon Ecole n'est pas une Poubelle") is a project that aims to teach young students about waste management practices and how to improve their living conditions. The project will help to respect the environment.

Goals and Objectives

Overall objective: to help pupils from elementary school and junior high school to have a better hygiene and sanitation education.


Specific objectives:

- To advise learners about the sanitation of living conditions in schools, homes etc.;

- To teach them the concept of waste sorting by setting up different sorting systems and recovery of waste;

- To raise schools awareness about a decrease in the use of plastic bags in schools.

Expected result

- 1500 pupils know: methods of waste sorting; the manufacture of biodegradable packaging, waste recovery system;

- One elementary school and one junior high school of Abomey-Calavi have an efficient sorting system and a long term experimental centre for composting;

- The use of plastic bags has decreased in the targeted schools;

- Each school has an active zero waste club.


Sustainable Development Goals
03. Good health and well-being 04. Quality education 11. Sustainable cities and communities 13. Climate action
About me / organisation
Kardinal Nounagnon Zinsou

Kardinal Nounagnon Zinsou is the project's contributor.